Lavanderia a Vapore joins ENCC – European Network of Cultural Centres, as Regional Network.

The European Network of Cultural Centres was founded in Brussels in 1994 to promote dialogue and cooperation between social-oriented cultural centres in Europe. Today, the ENCC reaches about 5,000 cultural venues in 25 countries, with very diverse structures, practices and audiences. The ENCC’s main action lines are capacity building, networking and advocacy. We organise meetings, conferences, trainings and staff exchanges, participate in research and data-gathering, create tools and publications, and connect our members with other actors from the cultural sector. Empowering cultural centres’ communities is our priority. The ENCC’s core values are cultural equality, interculturalism, cultural democratisation and active citizenship through participation in cultural activities. We believe that active participation in arts and culture on an individual level brings personal but also societal development.

Sinsce September 28th, also Lavanderia a Vapore is a member of ENCC, together with others four italian organizations: Rete delle Case del Quartiere (Torino), Il Mutamento (Torino), Non Riservato (Milano) e Stazione Leopolda (Pisa). Joining the network will allow the Dancehouse to participate in those international meetings, trainings and research activities promoted by the European network, with a view to comparison, innovation and growth.