The Artistic Research Board (TRA) is a working group made up of about twenty artists or trainers from the Piedmont area which have been working for years – each one with its own specificity – in the field of contemporary dance. An exciting adventure that creates value and future prospects.
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Born in 2016 in reaction to the concrete need of venues and programming, the board now lives Lavanderia a Vapore as a space which is possible to create, discuss and work together in, developing projects nourished of this closeness and cooperation.

In 2018, the constant dialogue with the Innovation and Research area of ​​Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo (about the issue of creating new devices of relation with the social-cultural context) allowed Lavanderia a Vapore to disclose new perspectives on art and society, investigated in different contexts: from schools to businesses, passing through welfare.

Thus, in recent years, an unusual space of co-creation has emerged in Collegno; a space based on the experience of the body as a starting point to produce knowledge. All the institutions involved – as well as artists and citizens – are invited to develop new ways of dialogue and confrontation, in order to imagine togheter future scenarios.

TRA is, therefore, an in-progress innovative space, designed to facilitate the expression of a collective intelligence. Some of the projects carried on by this working group are DAPMedia DancePhilosophy for Dance and Pedagogie for Dance.

The Artistic Research Board is made up of: