“An incredibly creative and touching approach to a presentation of BEN subject; a multilayered and meaningful piece of dance film”.

ROLLOUT Festival Jury Award

January 12th BEN – a short-film by Teresa Sala, Ilaria Vergani Bassi, Mattia Parisotto and Gabriel Beddoes, with Doriana Crema and Aldo Rendina, producted by Coorpi (within the framework of MiBACT – SIAE “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”) – has been honored with the Jury Award of ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival (Macao, China).

ROLLOUT features selection screenings, focus talks, workshops and a screening tour. With these activities, it seeks to create a dance film platform in Macao to explore the many faces of dance videography and bridge dancers with video artists, dance films with the public, artistic organisations with their like, as well as dance film creations with other platforms. The platform allows its participants to exchange dialogues and integrate all possible discussions and developments of dance videography with one another.