On the occasion of the International Dance Day 2021, the Dancehouse in Collegno has created an online marathon (from 2 pm to 6.30 pm) to explore those themes – between theory and practice – that artists and cultural operators face every day in contemporary creation. The event comes to an end at 9 pm with the Gala, organized by Fondazione Egri per la Danza, in a new digital version, live streaming from Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani. The starting point is a very simple but at the same time essential question: what happened this year?

The marathon, live on Lavanderia a Vapore Facebook page, will try to answer this question, exploring different dimensions: talks, practices, videos, conversations with the online audience, starting from some specific keywords. The moderat will be Stefania di Paolo, curator of TalkwithDance, the digital platform which Lavanderia a Vapore shared the curatorship of the event with.

Learn more about the program: click here.