Educating the younger generations to beauty is becoming more and more fundamental, as an antidote to indifference, demotivation, and discouragement; Educare alla Bellezza (educating to beauty) to feel part of the fate of the world can be the beginning of a change, a way to find new solutions to the challenges of the present, in the conviction that this can produce movement, allowing new images of orientation to emerge.

Educare alla Bellezza is the project with which Lavanderia a Vapore offers teachers a concrete opportunity for in-depth study through artistic experience by creating opportunities for dialogue with operators, experts, and researchers in the pedagogical, anthropological, sociological and philosophical fields. Over the years it has become the instrument of educational innovation that accompanies, monitors, and promotes the maturation of the Media Dance project.

Educare alla Bellezza is declined in different ways depending on the stage of development of Media Dance. During the school year it provides a training program for teachers, curated by the Tavolo della Ricerca Artistica, a group of artists including Barbara Altissimo, Gabriella Cerritelli, Francesca Cinalli, Erika Di Crescenzo, Aldo Torta, Aldo Rendina, Federica Tardito, coordinated by choreographer and dancer Doriana Crema. Teachers are offered tools and spaces for a new way of dialoguing and relating with students, thus contributing to the creation of unusual and original visions for innovative teaching.

At the end of the year, Educare alla Bellezza becomes an opportunity to collect feedback on the performances, workshops, conferences, and school to work programs performed during the year. A point, therefore, from which to plan for the future, to understand what issues to address, what methods to adopt and in which legislative framework to insert them. At the beginning of the year, on the other hand, it represents a moment of confrontation on those common research themes to be addressed in the following months.

Ultimately, Educare alla Bellezza is a strategic space to build long-term planning, but also a space of knowledge, community and change, in which collective intelligence is exercised and in which values that constitute the core identities of the project are recognized: listening, care, the logic of reciprocity of interests, and respect.



Teachers, artists, socio-cultural operators