A project by Doriana Crema 

In this new stage of the Tabula Rasa residency, the dialogue between Doriana Crema, associate artists, and Gianni Staropoli continues. The focus will be on the body/light relationship.

What happens when a light enters space and a body receives it or passes through it? What happens when the body enters the space and chooses to enter the light? How do these two actions modify space and evoke images and memories?

The two subjects light and body in the alternation of being – one the main actor and the other the servant – are caught by the space as it proceeds its path as a container. At this stage, the audience remains in its space as observer and will be caught by the light that at different times will surprise the bodies in their being. Doriana Crema and Gianni Staropoli will move in the space, acting the light on sight or interrupting its lines with the presence of their bodies.

The question is about evoking without narrating, simply by moving through space, what images, what memories, in the here and now are.

The event is finished.


12 - 15 Jun 2024


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Lavanderia a Vapore