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SOLITUDO – Borderlines

workshop curated by Doriana Crema
with Fabio Castello and Raffaella Tomellini
with the support of La Piattaforma Nuovi Corpi Nuovi Sguardi
in collaboration with Associazione Le Sillabe, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Lavanderia a Vapore
In 2016 the artistic nucleus of the first SOLITUDO gave life to a project based on practice with wooden boards that developed to involve a stable working group that in each appointment opens the doors to other participants giving life to performances that eventually involve the public. During the workshop the focus is on the origin of the movement, from the earth to the ascent to the sky, in connection with the deep self, then with its envelope, then with the space and form that occupies the body, then with the relationship with other bodies and finally with all the visible space and beyond. A journey of awareness of movement that comes from the inside and goes outward including emotions and relationships with other bodies through the planks. The adhesion of the body to the wooden plank creates symbolic images in perpetual movement, transforms the ego and the conflicts of “wanting to act” in favour of “putting oneself at the service of a wider design” and reveals the essence of movement. At times it appears an aesthetic of movement, similar to a choreography that is not written, decided a priori, formulated, if not by the infinite body/planks relations that multiply moment by moment in space. Contemporary archetypes emerge, images in motion, like ideals enclosed in the most hidden fibres of the soul, which like waves sink to disappear and be reborn in another form.
SOLITUDO is a process, a journey in which we go through the experience of being alone and together. The part of inner contact meets the exchange with others, sharing the conflict and joy of the relationship in an artistic journey. The wooden planks are through and mirror: if we are present and in balance they help us to become more harmonious, if we are not they can hurt us like spears. They can turn into weapons, but also into boards for sharing. And then again houses, walls, shelters, nests, cathedrals, forests, bridges or fences.

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09 Oct 2019 - 13 Oct 2019


Lavanderia a Vapore
Collegno (TO)
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Quello che ci muove