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The Lavanderia a Vapore project is the result of an innovative model of systemic networking, sharing objectives and governance between different local entities that deal with promotion and programming of dance, thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Piedmont Region, the Municipality of Collegno and the support of Compagnia di San Paolo (private foundation). To share goals and governance, an RTO (Raggruppamento Temporaneo di Organismi/Temporary Association of Bodies) has been created with the following partners.

Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

Piemonte dal Vivo is a Regional multi-disciplinary circuit that is engaged in a variety of activities embedded in over 60 municipalities across the region. The stages of theatres that belong to the circuit feature a wide range of performances, encompassing different genres and languages: from theatre to dance, from classical music to jazz as well as popular music and contemporary circus shows.


COORPI was founded in 2002 with the aim of developing new ways of communication with the territory and its inhabitants, through the plural languages of dance and body. It enacts multidisciplinary projects combining performative, visual, sound and digital languages, focused on people, stories, emotions, in order to tell the territory in which we live.

Associazione Didee Arti e Comunicazioni

Since 2001, Associazione Didee has been promoting cultural development through contemporary dance and its methodology as a means to make embodied experiences of the world surrounding us. Through inclusive, participatory approaches and collaborative networks, Didee organizes dance festivals, events and workshops with a focus on audience empowerment and younger generations.

Mosaico Danza

Mosaico Danza has been active for over 25 years‚ with activities that aim to support and promote young contemporary dance‚ both at national and international level. The association organizes every year the festival named INTERPLAY, dedicated to emerging and innovative dance talents, in which it is shown the best of the new contemporary dance with performances in theatres and urban areas, featuring companies from all over the world.


Zerogrammi is a dance company founded in 2005. The organic journey of discovery comes to compositional work through dramatic and choreographic research, social and educational projects, residences built around specific anthropological and geographical interests, practice of languages such as photography, plastic arts, literature, in order to give to the creative work new signs and meanings.

Associate Partners

Two important Italian cultural Institutions collaborate to the project of Lavanderia a Vapore:

 Torinodanza Festival

Teatro Stabile di Torino –

Teatro Nazionale

A major player in the world of contemporary dance, both for professionals and for audiences, the festival is
designed to be a pivotal showcase of contemporary choreographic work, not least through its interaction
with other artistic languages.

Teatro Piemonte Europa –

Palcoscenico Danza

The Fondazione was established in Torino in 2007 and, through an offering that ranges from prose to contemporary circus and dance, its purpose is to develop a theatrical hub for contemporary creations with a marked international outlook. The focus on contemporary dance is Palcoscenico Danza, festival under the artistic direction of Paolo Mohovich.