CONVERSATION. Open dialogue with dance

Ambra Senatore dialogues with Mario Benassai (Fisico) and Mariateresa Crosta (Astrofisica)
Ambra Senatore / CCNN – Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes

How can an artist explore global or current issues? How can issues raised by a community affect creative thinking? What is an artist’s ethical responsibility in the early years of this millennium? These and other challenges have always tormented artists who see engagement as part of their role. Ambra Senatore presents a sequence of public meetings in which scientific and humanities experts, spectators, artists, and professionals from a variety of fields, jointly address these issues. The meetings, a combination of dance performances and talks, respond to the choreographer’s vision of dance as a means for mutual interaction and discovery. They are also research opportunities that fuel her creative journey. One of such meetings will be held during the Torinodanza Festival 2020.

The event is finished.


23 Oct 2019


8:45 pm


Lavanderia a Vapore
Collegno (TO)

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