ELEGY OF LOST THINGS / WALZEN | cancelled event

Event cancelled due to bad weather

project, direction and choreography  Stefano Mazzotta
created with and performed by Amina Amici, Damien Camunez, Manuel Martin, Miriam Cinieri, Gabriel Beddoes, Alessio Rundeddu, Riccardo Micheletti
on stage Alessia Mancino, Alessia Caradonna, Alice Boschini, Aurora Elena Lanza, Beatrice Biondi, Chiara Guarini, Federica Destefanis, Federica Siani, Giulia Mazzarino, Grazia Montelione, Irene Cardinali, Isabella Campiglia, Marika Di Remigio, Martina Delpiano, Noemi Piva, Riccardo Micheletti, Sara Chinetti, Silvia Di Monda e Veronica Daidone
production Zerogrammi

Special reduced-form edition of the show Elegy of Lost Things. On stage, 19 dancers selected in the framework of WALZEN – Trampolino Residency, curated by the choreographer Stefano Mazzotta.

The choreographic project Elegìa delle cose perdute (Elegy of Lost Things) is inspired by a corollary of readings which are predominantly existentialist and introspective. Among these mostly emerges the novel Os Pobres by the portuguese author and historian Raul Brandao. The landscape evoked by this literary reference, on the edge between raw, sour, dreamlike and illusory, reflects a nostalgia, a Sehnsucht, a memory as matter that traces back our roots and identity and, at the same time, the separation from them and the feeling of moral exile that arises from it: a dream of impossible returns, anger facing the time that annihilates, a send-off from what is lost and that has marked the map of our inner journey.

The event is finished.



26 Sep 2021


4:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Reggia di Venaria

To attend the show, it must be purchased an entrance ticket to the Gardens of the Venaria Royal Palace. The show will take place at the Rose Garden.

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