by and with Andrea Costanzo Martini
video performance Mami Shimazaki
costumes Nir Benita
light design and photography director Yoav Barel
music Andrea C. Martini, Natacha Atlas, Marty Robbins
coproduced and supported by Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence / Zurich Tanzhaus / MAAT festival Lublin / Suzan Dellal Center / Centrum Kultury w Lublinie / Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv / Hateiva Theater
Trop is a solo but it is not a solitary piece.It is a journey, done alone, in order to create the possibility of meetings. A man, a tv and a lot of words.It is a work that deals with abundance and excess around a basic hole of significance.The overwhelming amount of informations we are forced to process everyday is a driving force of this performance.How do we keep or loose sanity faced with the incredible challenge of sorting out the mass of datas, words, images, concepts and of discerning lies from truth, in a time where virtually everyone can have his or her voice heard through the net and social platforms.And moreover, what is the place for dance and for the dancer inside all of this? Can beauty still be found through this jungle of symbols and meanings emptied of any power by their accessibility?As a choreographer creating structure around nothingness has been my aim, in this piece.Dancing, moving and performing around a hole with the aim of creating something solid, a real flow able to support the existence of the work.The main inspiration are videos, articles and images that have universal access on the internet, real/fake characters (it’s impossible to know) reenacted and possibly elevated to a higher status.The subtle line between lie and truth and the incredible manipulating qualities of this personas are the most fascinating elements that led me to choose them and that create a direct link to my previous work “What Happened in Torino”.

The event is finished.



26 Mar 2020


9:00 pm


Lavanderia a Vapore
Collegno (TO)

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Location 2


Tel. 011/4322902

TICKET: 5 euro, at Box Office, from one hour before the beginning of the show.

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Quello che ci muove