choreography Daniele Ninarello
assistent to the choreography Elena Giannotti
dramaturg Gaia Clotilde Chernetich
production Codeduomo
with the support of MosaicoDanza
CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea
The work is developed within the framework of On Mobilisation, an international cooperation project supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme
Starting from the “silent protests” thought and created during the lockdown period, the idea of a new group piece wasborn, dedicated to the collective process of protest and liberation, in which the performers abandon themselves to aspace that they mutually construct in which it is possible to expose their vulnerable bodies. In this space the bodiesproceed together through a dance that comes from a real process of stream of consciousness, progressively releasing thetensions that have accumulated over time, to give movement and voice to postponed revolutions. The time we are goingthrough requires a reflection on the sense of care, participation, listening, cooperation and healing. Bodies undergocontinuous dictation from the outside, they are territories colonized by the culture of control, violence and offense. Ourvulnerability has been forced not to express itself, not to be observed, celebrated.

The event is finished.


01 - 12 Mar 2023


Lavanderia a Vapore

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