The residency is curated by COORPI is the kick-off stage for the activities of the new transmedia production project HYBRIDY, winner of the 2023 edition of the “PER CHI CREA” program, promoted by MiC and managed by SIAE.

HYBRIDY is an interactive audio-video multimedia installation for a single viewer at a time, which aims to explore the possible relationships – harmonious and conflicting – between body and machine, digital and analogue, nature and technique. Consisting of a large circular video projection synchronized with original music played through headphones using a technique of binaural sound spatialization and vibrotactile feedback, it involves the propagation of vibrations on the listener’s body so as to generate an immersive multisensory artistic experience. Starting from a selection and adaptation of digital dance video contributions produced by COORPI, Alberto Barberis expands and recomposes them into a new installation dimension, through a process of original and technologically innovative sonification, at once sonic, visual and corporeal. For the selection, adaptation and rendering of Hybridy’s video contributions, Alberto Barberis will be supported by the external consultancy of Rajan Craveri, creative technologist, and choreographer Serena Zanconato.

Alberto Barberis
A multifaceted artist, Alberto Barberis is internationally active as a composer, electroacoustic performer, multimedia artist, programmer, sound engineer, and teacher.  Since 2017 he has been teaching Electronic Music, Music Technologies, Live Electronics and Acoustics at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano and, since 2022, Systems for Assisted Composition at the Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado in Milan. Parallel to his artistic activity (as composer, multimedia artist, electroacoustic performer, sound engineer) he is involved in software development for music creation and education. In his works he combines acoustic instruments, electronic instruments, digital art and programming, in search of a personal bio-technological tension.
The project is supported by  MiC and SIAE, in “PER CHI CREA” program and thanks to the contribution of the Region of Piedmont and the CRT Foundation.

The event is finished.


01 - 08 Mar 2024


All Day


Lavanderia a Vapore