Indagine sullo stato dei corpi

Anna Basti

Starting from the question How are we?, the desire is to open up and articulate the question in order to bring out from the communities, groups and individual bodies related with the research what are the conditions that determine the state of a body, its health, its emotions, its social, cultural and political posture, as well as micro-biological and hormonal.
An investigation into the macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos that a body holds and into the creation of a hypothetical ‘method’ that, without the desire to fix itself as a scientific practice, can germinate generative practices of data accumulation and the release of archives and systems of poetic, artistic and sensorial visualisations. The project to date is articulated in a series of collective practices open to all, sonorised in collaboration with dj and producer Hugo Sanchez (Pescheria, Rome/Tropicantesimo/Front de cadeau/Alien Alien) and in a path dedicated to the single body, still in the process of being elaborated. The project was hosted in residence at the Nuovo DID studio_Milan for Le alleanze dei corpi, at the Lavanderia a Vapore in Turin for Research Camping 2023, in the RicercaX path as satellite research.

The event is finished.


01 - 13 Feb 2024


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Lavanderia a Vapore