LOOK MA, NO HANDS_a way to go (working title)

choreography Marina Donatone
dance Ilaria Quaglia
production Ass. Cult. CodedUomo
co-production Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio | Progetto PrendersiCura
winning project of τέχνη | téchne 2021
, call for a technical residency

“The space in LOOK MA, NO HANDS_a way to go (working title) is the privileged channel we relate ourselves with, while getting in contact with our body and our being. The solo format has always been frightening for me, and to give myself the right time to locate and perceive any surface I encounter has been a way to find a strong relationship within solitude. In this work, the space allows us to continuously rebalance the attention we place on things and to enter a non-hierarchical and predefined perceptual state, yet as much as possible scattered in the relationships the body’s presence inscribes in the environment. We don’t try to move in here, we try to move from here. We don’t try to stay in a relationship, we try to be part of it. We try to settle in this space to give ourselves the opportunity to question our premises and discover something starting from the meeting itself; we try to pose a question and allow openness toward the possible relationships that the light, the acoustics, our presence, and the people who inhabit this space allow”. (M. Donatone)

photo credit Monkeys Video Lab


The event is finished.



07 - 16 Jan 2021


All Day


Lavanderia a Vapore
Quello che ci muove


Quello che ci muove