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OMBELICHI TENUI. Ballad for two bodies in the afterlife

by and with Filippo Porro and Simone Zambelli
sound Isacco Venturini
light design Emanuele Cavazzana
scene and costumes Silvia Dezulian
scientific advice Cristina Vargas, Marina Sozzi
dramaturgical advice Gaia Clotilde Chernetich
production AZIONI fuori POSTO
co-production C&C Company, Balletto Civile
with the support of Komm Tanz_Passo Nord, residency project by Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, Lavanderia a Vapore – Residency Centre for Dance
winning project of AiR 2021 – Artisti in Residenza / Lavanderia a Vapore
Two bodies prepare to face a journey. They meet, they accompany each other, they recognize each other, and then they lose themselves in each other, until they finally separate. A real journey but also not, perhaps a journey that never moves, that always remains in the same place, that happens and doesn’t happen, so as to cross over into another place, an afterlife. But in this afterlife there are no ancient heroes, but two disoriented extrassaying goodbye in an imaginary antechamber of death. Encounter. Clash. Accompaniment. Recognition. Abandonment. These are the phases that mark the physical practices of the two performers and their relationship, from walking to dancing, from breathing to singing. OMBELICHI TENUI is a profane rite to say goodbye to someone or something that has gone away, a friendship, a love or a life; it is the story of two different looks that have begun to resemble each other.

Filippo Porro and Simone Zambelli, both born in 1992, meet in 2017, collaborating within the framework of Balletto Civile. OMBELICHI TENUI is their first choreographic and theatrical creation.

The event is finished.


08 - 16 Mar 2021


All Day


Lavanderia a Vapore
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