A project curated by Francesco Dalmasso, Elisa D’Amico, Cristina Da Ponte, Lucia Guarino, Lucia Mazzoleni, Ilaria Quaglia

Shared Training Torino is a project providing shared training sessions and open classes for professional dancers and performers as well as experienced dance practitioners. The aim of the project is sharing trainings and research practices that are body and movement related, within the field of contemporary dance. The idea comes from the need of a group of dancers to keep ourselves active and in shape. Additionally, we would like to expand and strengthen the network of Turin-based artists. Sharing and exchanging trainings, tools and practices is a way to explore and deepen one’s expertise, to acquire new skills, offering a chance to meet different experiences and approaches.
– one/two training sessions a week, in different places in Turin;
– you can participate both by leading a training, sharing your practice with the other participants, and by attending a training;
– the participation fee is “up to you”.
All the updates are posted on the Facebook page shared training torino
For info and training proposals:

The event is finished.


07 Nov 2019


Lavanderia a Vapore
Collegno (TO)

Other Locations

Quello che ci muove


Quello che ci muove