TECHNE | Valerie Tameu and Francesca Santamaria

The call τέχνη – téchne opens a collective technical residency with the tutorship of the light designer Gianni Staropoli: an intensive path dedicated to the light dramaturgy as a necessary aspect of the creative process. The residency is a shared and collaborative training course in which the participants, starting from their own artistic project, have the opportunity to explore visions and practical notions relating to the components of light, sound and space.
Valerie Tameu | Dove hanno tremato le placche
Concept and performance Valerie Tameu
Curated by Johanne Affricot with Spazio Griot
Co-production Polo del 900 and Spazio Griot
Music Afrorack, Authentically Plastic, Sun Ra
Dramaturgical Consultancy Ilenia Caleo
In conversation with Cherish Menzo for the workshop part
“Dove hanno tremato le placche” presents itself as a blurred premonition that arises from the relationship between the body and the archive. The fragments of a imperfect archive float on the surface of memory; images which indulge the body and its contemplating gaze. The relationship between me and what remains is revealed in the dance; it is a veiled ritual that confronts me with the intimacy of exchange and the need to see myself elsewhere, within a different time and space. What is acted out is the testimony of an encounter, a succession of attempts to understand, process, and reshuffle the traces of the past. “Dove hanno tremato le placche” is also a childhood game in which we tune into cyclical time, where memory and prediction mingle as imagination; an ironic limbo inhabited by outlandish presences, veteran objects of history, actions, and words in search of wonder.
Valerie Tameu is an author and performer. She holds a Master’s Degree in Cinema, Theatre, Music and Media from University of Turin, Italy with a thesis on the history of dance. She attended classes at Scenario Pubblico and owes her education to various artists of the Italian and international scene.Since 2023 she has been working on the performance project “Dove hanno tremato le Placche” co-produced by spazio Griot and Polo del 900 and on the performance “Metabolo”, curated by Sineglossa, that focuses the relationship between art and artificial intelligence. Her research concerns the connection between performance and identity and the difference between memories and history, while her artistic practice creatively con-fuses bodies, ideas, theories and hallucinations.
Francesca Santamaria | How to survive in the case of permanent damage
with Francesca Santamaria
sounds Ramingo
production CodedUomo
with the support of Carrozzerie n.o.t, ATCL Lazio
project selected by Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore 2023 – Network Anticorpi XL
The Greek word for body appears in Homer only to refer to the corpse. It is this corpse, therefore, or rather, it is the corpse and the mirror that teach us (who have, that is, taught the Greeks and now the children) that we have a body […]. M. Foucault
HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE CASE OF PERMANENT DAMAGE is a choreographic X-ray. A report that reveals a non-utopian body, the functioning of an imperfect machine, the gears of a corruptible organism. It is an exploration of a textual and sonic archive, linked to injuries and debilitations, that investigates the theme of physical and emotional pain post-trauma. In an aseptic “operating” room and over sounds stemming from the reversal of The Dying Swan, a movement sequence and the body of a dancer are vivisected.
What lies hidden within a “performing” body?
Does it make sense to survive?
To what extent?
At what cost?
Francesca Santamaria is a dancer, performer and dance author. After completing her academic studies at Balletto di Roma, she continued training at Biennale College Danza. She started dancing for Milano Contemporary Ballet and Compagnia Zappalà Danza 2 and since 2017 has been bringing pièces and performances by W. McGregor, M. Chouinard, D. Ashbee, R. Zappalà, M. Ostrushnjak, A. Ben-Tal, M. Perego, A. Pirici, A. Businaro, L. Delogu, M. Landi/A. Lanza and others to the stage. She embarked on her authorial journey with the videodance work SHIFTING TOOLS, which won international awards and was presented in twenty-three festivals worldwide. She graduated from Sapienza University of Rome in Performing Arts Disciplines with a thesis on Dance Dramaturgy and she has been involved in projects of the Venice Biennale since 2021: she conducted an archival research at the International Center for Research on Contemporary Arts and she publishes an essay for Biennale College ASAC- Writing about Dance.

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08 - 12 Jan 2024


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