concept and choreography Raphael Bianco
sound concept and design Andrea Giomi
light concept Enzo Galia
set design Raphael Bianco ed Enzo Galia
costumes Agostino Porchietto
dancers Vincenzo Criniti,  Cristian Magurano Davide Stacchini, Elia Santoanastaso (Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza)
duration 20 mins
production Fondazione Egri per la Danza
in collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore
with the support of TAP- Torino Arti performative, MIC , Fondazione CRT 

Artistic residency in the framework of SWANS NEVER DIE, by one of the four Piedmont dance companies supported by the Ministry of Culture.

 I see the Death of the Swan as a moment of transition, exactly as Carlos Acosta says: the end of a state, mental and physical to start a new one. And if I think of the Swan, I think of the ugly duckling and his transformation into something wonderful. And if I listen to the countless discussions on gender identity, I am even more convinced of what I want to say through the dance that re-elaborates the memory, that reshapes itself echoing more or less the memory of what was The Swan by Fokine. When we talk about gender or transgender, we forget that behind the identity, and behind the label of that identity, feelings, restlessness and a slow transformation move to appropriate what one does not have but is desired and above all, to leave the condition that imprisons us and that we first do not recognize as ours: in our body, in our voice, on our face, in our sex. You don’t wake up overnight with the desire to change your identity, it is a feeling that has perhaps always been with us, more or less latent. 
Raphael Bianco
BRIGHT FEATHERS is a path of rebirth, of those who metabolize their own discomfort, the violence suffered not only from the outside, but, above all, from an incessant internal conflict: lacerating and raw. BRIGHT FEATHERS is the desire to finally be yourself, harmonizing your soul. BRIGHT FEATHERS are the promised land for a body and soul that want to shine and not hide first of all from themselves, to meet the identity that makes us happy and proud to exist. BRIGHT FEATHERS is a male quartet where dance is a ritual of initiation and catharsis, a dialogue with the dark soul that inhabits and moves us, and that reveals doubts, discomforts and instincts, sometimes unspeakable and unconfessable even to ourselves. A confrontation with our alter ego that makes us ashamed and flee but at the same time stimulates us, even cruelly, to find a harmonized dimension of existence and being: a new and luminous identity in spite of conventions. 

The event is finished.


17 - 26 Jan 2022


All Day

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Quello che ci muove

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