concept Tommaso Serratore
dance Sara Sguotti, Tommaso Serratore
light design Eleonora Diana
music Gabriele Ottino
coproduction Perypezye Urbane, Versiliadanza
with the support of Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni
and Fondazione CR Firenze – Bando Abitante 2021
thanks to MCF Belfioredanza, Teatro Frida

Domino represents the second episode of Mr Furry (2019), whose protagonist is a bizarre being who advances from a primordial dimension towards the present, in the incessant attempt to reach a state of completion.

In Domino it is precisely the ‘here and now’ that becomes the scenery in which to come to terms with what one has managed to achieve in the course of one’s existence; thoughts are always occupied by the past and the future, without ever dwelling on the present. A metaphysical dimension in which Mr Furry, with his unhurried movements and utopian ideals, compares himself to another creature similar to him, more energetic and bursting, who can never find a place that is really his. It is the interaction that moves changes and new impulses in an oscillation between the search for stability and the desire to maintain a dynamism typical of youth. It is a continuous and progressive forward motion that leads to an extremely psychedelic, energetic and dynamic science fiction situation, which induces us to accept that we cannot have controlover everything and to see in the present a new resource. Domino is a condensation of the life we are living, a path of growth faced by Mr Furry faithfully accompanied by his alter ego that, in some ways, completes him and like a domino, indissolubly divided into two parts, never leaves him but they become one.

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22 Jan 2022


6:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Lavanderia a Vapore

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