creation Lucrezia Maimone
on stage Lucrezia Maimone e Sebastian Sobrado
sound and music Lorenzo Crivellari
violin Elsa Paglietti
choreographic advice Stefano Mazzotta
acting coach Anthony Mathieu
magic effects Jonathan Giard
scene objects Vinka Delgado
lighting desing Tommaso Contu
photography Federica Peach
videomaker Federica Lì
production Zerogrammi
with the contribution of Interconnessioni 2018/T Off (Cagliari)
with the support of Regione Piemonte, MIBAC – Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
winning project of CollaborAction Kids XL#1 2018 Prize – Network Anticorpi XL | Cantieri Danza | Solares | Amat | Arteven | Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza | La Piccionaia | Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo | Teatro Pubblico Pugliese | C.L.A.P. Spettacolodalvivo | Armunia | FTS Onlus | ACS | Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara | FIND
The choreographic project is a multidisciplinary creation between dance and circus art. Inspired by the universes of intense emotional extent of the illustrator Lorenzo Mattotti, the narration leads us into imaginative worlds, where mood and poetry alternate with pressing pace. Narrative images interweave to give life to a story that digs into the memory of the fairy tale, evoking symbols and images of childhood anxiety and where light and dark dress a leading role.
As in any fairy tale of growth, the narrative insists and returns on the dynamics generated by the demand and the desire for balance facing the obstacle, the test to pass, the safe place and the status to be conquered: abandoning the presumed certainty of a center, the story slides into the precariousness of motion, in the search for a temporary safe place, of a plausible order, to finally give us the only possible certainty: that nothing remains ever the same and that the condition of demand is the only one way to growth, change, discovery.

The event is finished.


02 - 15 Oct 2019


All Day