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WHAT I AM IS ALREADY GONE Per Corpo Affaticato | Swans Never Die

conception and choreography Daniele Ninarello
production Associazione Culturale Codeduomo/ Compagnia Daniele Ninarello
in collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore
with the support of Ministry of Culture

Artistic residency in the framework of SWANS NEVER DIE, by one of the four Piedmont dance companies supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Starting from the famous Death of the Swan, my desire is to work on the creation of a short solo to investigate vulnerability as a wound capable of generating revolution and triggering a gesture of resistance, turning into a dance that is a constant struggle. At the centre of the research is the gaze on the fatigued body, in constant negotiation between advancing and falling, trying to identify those vulnerable areas of the body in which it is possible to catch a glimpse of a new direction, a new opening. The intention is to develop a practice that will be articulated around these themes, to structure a score within which to allow a space of freedom for the performer, a space of choice, a space for the possible.
Daniele Ninarello

The event is finished.



01 - 10 Apr 2022

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