Landmark not only in the city of Turin, but also in the Italian scenery for passionate about the young contemporary dance, Interplay – the international dance festival led by Natialia Casorati (Mosaico Danza) – comes back for its 20th edition, with a fresh new digital format created in order to fight the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

From May 20th to May 30th, the audience will be accompanied by streaming perfomances, video-reviews and web-meetings; the other half of the festival, which consists in site-specific and urban shows, will be postponed, instead, during the autumn (September-November 2020), being hosted as a part of other exhibitions and choreographic events.

In this edition a recurrent theme is the challenge, the competition seen as a race for supremacy, necessary to prove to be alive, to resist and assert self, only to reveal the weakness and fragilities of the individuals, against a system that often that often leaves you on the margins of society and which hardly welcomes and recognizes you as part of the system itself.

For further information about the program, please visit Facebook and Instagram pages or Mosaico Danza website.